Introducing Ultra One Naturally Green Cleaner

Looking for a safe, natural cleaner that cuts grease?

Ultra One All Natural Degreaser/Cleaner is an environmentally safe product and it is an extremely powerful degreaser that can cut through the heaviest dirt and grime. But at the same time is it is safe enough where it won’t damage any parts of the equipment that you are working on.

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Environmentally Safe


Animal and Child Safe


Kills 100% of Germs


Free of Phosphates









Ultra One is a 100% safe, organic and environmentally friendly cleaning product

Ultra One has proven itself to be a powerful, effective and safe cleaner, and continued to be submitted to consumer and industrial test market trials, proving its amazingly powerful and even more amazingly safe and environmentally friendly capabilities. In 2007, just before the financial crisis, WD-40 was performing independent product studies for possible acquisition. While the financial crisis froze all new ventures under way by the company at that time, the test results were clear.

Ultra One Out-Performed every major cleaner on the market in both safety and effectiveness.


By being a one hundred percent environmentally safe Ultra One can help cut costs in both protective equipment and potential health issues. There are no necessary steps to take if Ultra One comes into contact with the skin or if ingested. If Ultra One does get in the eyes it is recommended to flush with water.
Ultra One is so safe that when used by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to clean the inside of the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels the Environmental Protection Agency said it was ok to let the waste water run into the sewers as it wasn’t going to cause any harm to the water supply. Prior to using Ultra One they would have to catch the wastewater and have it disposed of safely.

UltraOne Specialized Cleaning Applications:

  • Heavy exhaust emission residue.
  • Engines and machinery.
  • Dip tanks, aqueous-based parts washers, steam cleaners and pressure sprayers.
  • Manufacturing equipment.
  • Floor scrubbing and general plant maintenance.
  • Food processing plants and food preparation areas. (grills, vents, traps & more)
  • Prepping prior to painting, plating or welding.
  • Floor scrubbing and general plant maintenance.
  • Fleet and mass transit vehicles.
  • HVACR coils and cooling towers.
  • Removing machining oils and cutting fluids from manufactured parts and extruded tubing.
  • Janitorial cleaning of floors, walls and toilets.
  • Deodorizes foul odors caused by urine, vomit, smoke or other causes

…and so much more

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